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Toothbrush Holder

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Product Information

Description: This toothbrush holder easily installs on tile surfaces via twist and lock suction technology. All you need to do is place it where you want then push to create suction and finally rotate the body of the suction cup to lock it in place.

Compatible Razors: Fits most common designs except the thick-necked toothbrushes.

Compatible Surfaces: Suction works on ceramic tile, glass, mirror, acrylic and any other glossy, non-porous surfaces

Incompatible Surface: Suction does NOT work on marble, granite, laminate, metal, stone, porcelain, dry wall, wood and all other porous surfaces

Suction Cup Diameter: 1.75"

Weight: 3 oz

Material: Polyurethane & Plastic

Frequently Asked Product Questions

Q. How long does suction last?
A. When intalled on a very clean surface without changing positions, suction will last a good 3 to 4 years.

Q. I have a compatible tile surface but suction does NOT work. Why is that?
A. Number one reason for this is dirty tile. Soap scum on the tile surface that has been building over years does not come off very easily. You need to scrub and clean thoroughly using a tile cleaner or soap scum remover.

Q. I am having trouble uninstalling the product. What is the best way to get the product off the surface?
A. First, unlock the suction by rotating the suction cup counter-clockwise. Then, grab a piece of thick paper, like a business card, and slide it between the suction cup and the surface and slowly keep pushing the paper to separate the suction cup from the surface.